August 13 2014

Removing Soundcloud syndication!

I am removing the Soundcloud syndication of podcasts.

The limited amount of space for a free account creates more work to rotate our pod-casts in addition to the already additional work needed to add them in the first place.

I don’t believe anyone is using Soudcloud for these podcasts! It is probably good to have from a marketing standpoint, but that’s about it!

In the event anyone ever want’s us on soundcloud and is willing to cover the costs for an account OR wants to request I run a fundraiser for it due to a perceived interest, I could re-visit it at that time. I think right now though its not an added benefit and just creates more work so killing it!

The account will remain active with an intro piece though!

Echoes from the Caverns’s stream on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

Theater Masks

August 13 2014

Introductory post by Asclepius

Hello everyone, Asclepius here with a short introductory post. Recently I joined the Caverns as part of the news team with Lord Baldrith. Since then the volume of fan fiction work sent in by the community has increased dramatically, to the point where Lord Baldrith can’t handle all the work on his own. I have been asked to come on board and voice some podcasts as well.

This post serves two purposes; firstly to let you know that there may be another voice bringing your creations to the wider community, and secondly if you can see and hear this, then I’ve mastered the trick of posting the podcasts to the Caverns site!

We do have a bit of a backlog at present, but we will try to clear it as fast as we can. In spite of that, we still want to bring as many original creations to the community as possible, so don’t stop posting.

Echoes…Echoes…echoes from the caverns was brought to you by Lord Baldrith, Asclepius and Sir Stile Teckel. Do you have a piece you would like us to read? Please contact us at, or

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