August 3 2014

Guests now accepted!

A new feature on the Lord Baldrith and Asclepius weekly news show will be the addition of guests! Not every who may have a guest but we are gong to try to make that happen.

Are you interested in being a guest? Then I want to hear from you!

We hope that guests will of course sometimes be promimant. Community leaders, Dev’s, cool people from other web sites, and other cool stuff!

However this is a community show and we do not want to limmit our guests to just big name people. We also want community members on it!!

What to expect? The format is to basically allow the guest on the show to comment on the different pieces of news the team discusses. A guest if they wanted could bring a couple pieces of their own news. Finally at the end of the show a short interview will occur!

This is done by Skype (audio only) and lasts roughly an hour. A prominent guest (or long winded such as myself) that they team may have a lot of questions for could lead to a longer recording session if the guest would allow.

As we schedule guests we will be adding them to the site’s event calendar so you can see what guests will be on what week! We are willing to schedule out in advance if their is demand (keeping in mind we may need to make schedule changes based on needs. Sometimes we may need to bump someone to bring someone on that has a limited schedule, or a new memebr may not be able to be around, etc).

I appeared on the last show as a guest – NOT to just be a guest *winks*. My apperance was to test the format, give the news team a chance to try out the technical side of things, and to have a recording to use as an example. You can take a listen to this piece to see how the format is taking place:

I will be contacting people to request guest spots but beyond that if you are interested in being on the show – we are probally interested in having you! Please hit the contact form and we can go from there!

Thank you listeners!

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