July 18 2014

Intruder Written by Sir Frank-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone…Lord Baldrith here with a great new story by Sir Frank called Intruder.  It is part 3 in the continuing saga.  I can’t wait to hear more of these stories from Sir Frank!

Background Music by Zander Noriega – Black Drought 

Here is the text:

Intruder By Sir Frank

Sir Frank stared into the glowing orange eye for a long moment, before the watcher resumed its patrol along the treeline outside Braemar.

The clockwork thing had registered his presence, but did not approach. It seemed unconcerned.


Or perhaps it had transmitted warning of an intruder, and the old knight was already being surrounded.

No, that shouldn’t be.

They were minions of the Oracle.

She watched, but remained neutral.

She was interested in what was happening in the Vale.

They were doing the same thing he was doing.


He would not remain in this spot.

He’d find a better place to observe the village.

He’d have to figure out what was going on.


And avoid the undead.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

July 18 2014

Echoes From the Caverns 7-18-14 New Live Format

Hi Everyone Lord Baldrith here with Echoes From the Caverns!  We started a new format today.  Now joined by community member Asclepius.  We do a news show format.  Bare with the sound quality on this first edition as the mic of my webcam wasn’t so good and still getting to know the software for this type of format.  In the future these will sound better.  I wanted to get one out to see how you like it.

It is really awesome to work with Asclepius.  We are like-minded people who seem to be able to carry a program together…Take a listen and see what you think!