April 22 2014

Special Podcast – in Spanish! Letters from Barataria read AND written by Eriador Moonstone

We have a special podcast from Eriador Moonstone for those that are interested in hearing a piece of fan fiction in Spanish. Written and read both by Eriador Moonstone!

Here is both the English and Spanish text.

Cartas desde Barataria

No había enemigo capaz de hundir tu moral, ni derrota que hiciera tambalear tus principios. Eras siempre fiel a ti mismo, sin traicionarte por lo que dijeran los demás. Ofrecías el corazón de manera desinteresada y no existió desprecio que te impidiese dejar de hacerlo.
Cargabas contra monstruos y villanos, sin el menor titubeo, para que el mundo fuese un lugar mejor. Eras capaz de comprender que un demacrado animal podía ser el corcel más hermoso del universo y nos demostrabas con tu nobleza que el valor, la confianza y el amor eran armas mucho más necesarias y penetrantes que la lanza más férrea.

Para ti la vida era una aventura repleta de sueños por realizar, una justa continua donde sólo estaba vencido quien creía estarlo. Los demás debemos estar locos.

Tú sí que eras el verdadero caballero, Don Quijote.

Letters from Barataria (*Barataria was an imaginary wonderful place that Quixote promised to Sancho)

There was no enemy capable to sink your moral, or defeat that could shake your principles. You were always true to yourself, without betraying yourself because of what others said. You offered the heart in a selflessly way and there was no despise that prevented you to do it.
You charged against monsters and villains, without a minimum hesitation, to make the world a better place. You were you able to understand that an emaciated animal could be the most beautiful steed in the universe, and you demonstrated us with your nobility that the courage, the trust and the love were much more needed and piercing weapons than the most ferrous spear.

For you the life was an adventure full of dreams to realize, a continuous joust where only was defeated who believed it. We must be crazy.

You really were the true knight, Don Quixote

April 18 2014

Divided Souls Poem by Houston Dragon – Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hi Everyone:  Lord Baldrith here with the first reading of a poem written by community member Houston Dragon.   Very awesome poem!

-Edit from Stile – Adding the text version!
Divided Souls

The Shards did Fall upon this land,
Vast mountains crumbled into sand,
Molten rain from dark skies above,
And Death took those we once loved.

From broken ruins of society’s few,
Came cankered birth, Obsidian hued,
Empire of Twilight’s envisioned Eye,
Doom’s approach draws closer nigh.

In Order’s grip twisted by Chaos’ hand,
Victims of evil’s Pride, left unfit to stand,
Once of Light, stolen from grace’s reign,
Enslaved by Darkness into monstrous pain.

But risen against these ensorcelled fiends,
Those that bring freedom by their means,
Rulers, nobles, lords, all come massed,
Council of Might, strong standing fast.

Through hardship’s struggle, born of pain,
Tempered by courage, forged by its flame,
Futures are weighed, fate’s balance hangs,
Waiting moment, turned on blade’s tang.

Britannia’s wounds fester, poisoned within,
Heroes and villains in battle’s great din,
Shattered moon, reminds of past paid tolls,
Divided, forsaken, all stand as lost souls.

(Inspired by events as told in Blade of the Avatar.)


April 18 2014

Echoes From the Caverns 4-18-14

Lord Baldrith here with the first attempt at music in the podcast.  Thanks so much to Steve J Goldman of Four Leg Records.  A song entitled “Shroud of the Overature, Part I.”  Hopefully everyone likes this new sound.

April 6 2014

04-05-14 / Echoes from the Caverns – A Newscast by Lord Baldrith

This is being posted on the new sub site, so if you saw it already thats why – Its really a test post!

Welcome to the Echoes from the Caverns! A Podcast by Lord Baldrith.

Wait.. You already saw this post? Correct!!! However this time.. you will now see a new player previous to this post. In future this is how Echoes from the Caverns will show. You can also choose to download or open in new window.

Wait, there’s more!!!
The feed has been submitted to Itunes and as soon as moderation reviews I will get a link that I will be able to share with you so you can subscribe to it on itunes if you wish.

For now, here is the Itunes podcast cover art chosen. May be updated later 🙂